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Voting Link Lists, Ect.

I don't believe in this link list thing, I had some bad experiences with them a while back, and I don't like the way the voting works. But it does a good job of advertising my site, so if you feel like voting, here are the links. By the way, I won't ever have voting incentives.

The Webcomic List

Here's the RSS feed, for any who want it.

Links to Friends Comics

Alice finds herself unexpectedly at university that teaches magic! Written by Allison. I really like this comic a lot, and I have a character in it!
Aylia just wants to study magic at a school at home, but thanks to her parents she has to go college in her mother's unmagical world. Emily didn't let lack of artistic talent stop her from making a fun comic full of quirky characters. I have a character in this one too, only she's not as based on me as the other is.
Lute's off on a quest to become a hero! Maybe then people will take him seriously. I love just about everything about this comic. Except for the non-existent update schedule. We need more comics!

People going to school together live alternate fantasy lives in their dreams. It's an interesting concept, and it's playing out well so far. I've seen her in the process of drawing one of the pages, and it's impressive. Maybe that's why it takes her forever to update.

This hasn't been updated since 2005, but there's quite a bit of story already there, and I hear she is still planning on doing more.

Other comics I like to read

About Greg's life...sort of. This one started the classic "I'm bored, let's start a comic" and as far as I know, is the only one to pull it off. (Does anyone have one of his 88*31 banners I could use?)

In the light of the full moon, Mark becomes... a geek! The characters for this are like a cross section of geek culture. I love it.
Van Von Hunter, hunter of evil...stuff! Reading this is a bit like reading Slayers. It's very fun and very well drawn.
A bunch of anthropomorphic cats live together in a manor called Catena. While this is a funny comic, I'm more into it for the cute factor. I want to draw like her!
Corner Alley 13, the place for all Non-Humans to live in chaotic harmony. I thought the first part was a little disjointed, but now the artist has really hit her stride. I really love the character designs.
Mike finds a portal to a magical world in his closet, and decides to go to college there. This is a laugh out loud funny comic, and the overall story is charming so far.
The Dreamland Chronicles is the story of what happens to Alex in his dreams. It has the feel of someone rediscovering what made childhood wonderful. This is a 3-D rendered comic, which might bother some people, but I like it!
Fun little D&D style story about a group of adventures trying to put the stuffy prince of the elves back on his throne.
Sci-fi strip about a small crew and the disaster they bring to the universe. Very funny.
It's kinda like a gradeschool version of "Sky High" only I like the writing for this one better.
A christian web manga about a group of highschoolers making a video game. Or is it really about Locke learning to let people into his heart?

Finished Comics that are still worthwhile

If Lord of the Rings had been a D&D game, this would be what it'd be like. A hilariously true comic done to screen caps from the LotR movies.
Beautifully drawn fantasy tale about the plight of the elves and how it effects our adorable main character.
The plot is the typical magical girl thing, but is still very good. And charming.
A surprisingly deep story about a video game sprite who's cartridge gets hacked.

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