As the main character, you might expect Crystal to be the adventurous sort, but she's really not. Concerned with things like boys, fashion and hairstyles, going to another world without electricity isn't her idea of fun. Luckily she has a good heart, and believes in finding the bright side of every situation.


When you're the First Guardian of your country, you've got a lot you need to care for. Tetra takes these responsibilities very seriously, and is very driven to get them done. She's not very good at taking breaks or watching what she says. Thankfully her job isn't a diplomatic position.


Call him Ten. On the surface he can be an irresponsible guy, but when things get tough, he's there. As the gate guardian of Brechal he's great with magic and talking himself out of bad situations.


Stuck up, self centered, manipulative, doesn't care about others unless there's something in it for her. She must have a good side somewhere, right? Sylphy isn't a very talented magician, but she's very good at finding, fixing and using magical items. Hopefully she'll realize someday that it's not all about her.


As much of a fop as a vampire can be. But don't let that fool you, he's more dangerous than he looks.


Home World: Brechal
Intellegent animals that have an affinity to the elements. The live in the stormy regions of Brechal, and don't normally go into civilization, though they do like magical items because of the power they give off.

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