Crystal's not sure how it happened, but she got transported to a magical world and now has no way back. No outlets, no malls, and running dangerously low on make-up, could things get any worse? At least she got out of math class.

About the Comic:
The Sealed Gate updates every Tuesday, and sometimes on hollidays. Although in a four panel layout, the comic is not in a gag-a-day style. Set in a fantasy world, there is adventure, exploration, romance, some angst and hopefully enough funny stuff to keep you coming back for more. This comic is writen to be enjoyed by adult adiences but I will never go above a PG-13 rating (and I'm trying for below that).

About the Author:
My name is Lanea Zimmerman, and I've been drawing for as long as I remember. I have taken art classes, but I'm mostly self taught. I just pick things up where ever I can. I like getting all sorts of feedback, even critique. You can e-mail me at I also love fan art, but if you send me something, please keep in mind that I'm a very religious person, and won't post anything I find objectionable.

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